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Prof. dr hab. Joanna Rutkowska
  Inst. of Environmental Sciences
Jagiellonian University

Gronostajowa 7, 30-387 Kraków
tel. + 48 12 664 51 99
fax + 48 12 664 69 12
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  Research interests

My research interests focus on behavioural ecology, especially qualitative and quantitative differential investment in male and female offspring in relation to maternal state and ecological factors, mate choice, and evolutionary immunity.

In my studies I try to answer the questions such as:
- What are the mechanisms of biased primary sex ratio in birds?
- How does egg content affect offspring fitness?
- What are the costs of maintaining high immunocompetance?
- Which song parameters are most attractive to the female?
- What are the benefits of extra pair copulations?

The model species used in these studies is the Zebra finch Taeniopygia guttata - bird popular in many laboratories around the world. My population was established in year 2000 and is the only one in Central Europe. I also study the European blackbird Turdus merula inhabiting a city park in Kraków.

    Zebra finches in the aviary
Foto: Joanna Rutkowska

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